Veteran Spotlight

Q99 Veterans Spotlight

This is my Father! Served proudly in 1946-1951. He was proud to serve his country.

Not on active duty. Went to work at Lawrence Transportation and still there.

My husband retired after 27 years service. He was a Seabee and served in Desert Storm as well as many deployments. We now live near Camp Lejeune where he works as a Civilian but we still support our Military. Our son and son in law both are Serving Active Duty. We are a Military Family where God comes first and Country next. I am so proud of my family

No he is 67 and retired…He still working on things except he went from airplanes to cars! He has been all over the world..he takes pride in a job well done..He served his country well and still believes in the USA

Darrell was stationed in Germany and while riding a motorcycle, he was hit by a drunk driver and spent 78 days in the hospital while almost losing his foot. He does not have much feeling in his foot, and it took him almost a year to walk again without an aid as a crutch. Since being forced to retire from the military, he has gotten his paramedic and nursing license and still serves others as a firefighter and medic while maintaining several ERs. He is a hero in so many eyes on so many levels. Thank You for your service!

My dad celebrating his 93 birthday on Oct 29

He is not active. He is proud to say he is a veteran, but like so many that served during that war era, they were shunned by the public. Very sad. He joined when he was still in high school and only served 4 years. After he returned he began a career with CocaCola. He is now 71.

My dad raised my older brother and I. Committed his years to building a home and family life with strong Christian values for us that we cherish! He worked hard every day at his job and with home life. Always went to church weekly and helped anyone that needed him. He has endured the pain of his wife’ss passing and continues to maintain his Christian life with Devotion to his family. He is my hero!

Marshall is not active in the military now. He worked after leaving service, now retired. He is an active churchgoer and lay leader at our church. He helps those who need help and is a very kind and caring man.

Wes went straight from high school into the Army. He served during Desert Storm. He was a communications expert. He was the one collecting the Ground coordinates and had direct communication with the pilots as to where to drop. As a combat veteran, he was awarded 2 Purple Hearts. He suffers from PTSD

Kelly’s military career actually started with William Fleming JrROTC where she surprised us all by obtaining the top rank of Wing Commander. A year after high school graduation, she headed to Lackland AFB for basic training. She elected security as her objective and eventually served at Osan AFB in South Korea, near the DMZ. Kelly’s security experience in the Air Force was her springboard for joining the Sacramento PD, where she has excelled. She is currently in dispatcher management and has been a part of hostage negotiations with S.W.A.T. and works with emergency services coordination (fires, etc). During her years with the PD, she has continued with her studies in childhood education action, dance, and emergency related fields and has obtained her Master’s Degree! All this while married and caring for 6 children.

Justin Inman

This is my husband Justin Inman. He has served in the army for 11 years. He has been to Kuwait, Afghanistan, and is currently on his third tour overseas. He has three beautiful kids waiting for him to come back home and I just wanted to let him know that we love him and miss him and we can’t wait to have him home with us again. Happy Veterans Day, we are so proud of you for what all you have accomplished and for the man that you are.

Sadly Vance passed away in 2005. However, his service continued as an employee of General Services. After retirement, he served as an auxiliary sheriff’s officer in Washington County Virginia and as a Court Magistrate in Washington and Smyth Counties. Vance also served as a volunteer firefighter for many years. He is my hero!


Wesley Davis

Wesley was enlisted in the army. He completed his basic training and was moved numerous times do multiple bases. He was fortunately not sent overseas but none-the-less was a proud officer and quite a marksmen.

Joseph Mills

My husband not active in army. But he is a front line worker at Centra Lynchburg. He is a Biomedical Technician, which means he keeps all the machines in the hospital working. Examples are defibrillators, IV pumps, ekg machines and so on. He learned his skills in the army and has carried with him into the civilian world. I am so proud of him.

Bill Overstreet

Left the service after WWII to become a CPA in the Roanoke Valley.

Winfred Hart

After completing 27 missions, Mr. Hart was discharged in the spring of 1945. He was welcomed home by his family, which included his grandfather who rented a farm from Magnus Brugh, near the original Brugh’s Mill in Troutville. His Father was a machinist for Norfolk & Western Railroad and his mother was a Crawford from Craig County. Hart family descendants settled in Cambridge, MA. Family records show that the gymnasium of Harvard University is located on the old Hart family barnyard. After returning home from the war, Mr. Hart worked to complete the high school credits required to attend VPI (VA Tech) where he would study Electrical Engineering. While attending school, he worked a short time for Eagle Rock Lime Company. Mr. Hart and his wife, Lois, both worked for Appalachian Power until retiring in 1982. Following retirement, they both enjoyed traveling which included visits to New Zealand, the Caribbean, Russia, and many parts of Europe. He is an avid fan of classical music and played violin for the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Hart resides in Roanoke where he continues to enjoy music and is a member of the 8th Air Force fellowship group.

Suttie Economy

Mr. Economy currently resides at the Veteran’s Care Center in Salem. He is well known for handing out packs of Juicy Fruit gum to all that he meets. He also helps to organize and take care of memorials including the Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Roanoke.

Marvin Lee Smith

He passed away a few years ago. He helped his family and friends since he left the service and got a job at General Electric.


Sgt Kimberly Nicholls.

Kim is still in the Army as an instructor at Fort Eustis in VA. She is a helicopter crew chief and she teaches other young enlisted servicemen to work on the BlackHawk helicopters, all while be a single mom of 2. She has been deployed several times, was even injured during an attack at her base while she was deployed and yet she still serves her country. She is an inspiration to us all.

Brian Booker

My husband is not active in the Navy today. My husband has been working at a Lime Plant In Gladstone, VA. called Rocky Dale, he is a Mill operator.

Jeffrey Madison Sr.

Retired from the Air Force in 2002. He volunteered for 12 years with the music program in Bedford County. He now moonlights as Papa Christmas bringing smiles and candy canes to young and old alike. Last year he distributed approximately 1600 candy canes, plus stickers to children across Central and SW Virginia