Q99’s Receive and Give Contest brought to you by Southern Team

Q99 and Southern Team Nissan of Roanoke and Southern Team Nissan of New River Valley have teamed up to present our “Receive and Give” Contest.

November 7th through December 9th, you will have 10 chances every weekday 8:10AM to 5:10PM to win $100 for yourself and another $100 for your favorite charity.

Here’s how to play:

Step 1) Enter by filling out the form below. 

Step 2) Listen for Q99 to announce your name weekdays starting at 8:10AM and :10 past the hour every til 5:10PM. If you hear your name, call Q99 at 540-389-0099 within 15 minutes and you’ll win $100 in cash and Southern Team will donate another $100 to your favorite charity (Church, Non-Profit or 501C organization)


Receive and Give 2022