Q99 Birthday Bucks

You could win $25,000, just for having a birthday!!
It’s Q99’s $25,000 Birthday Bucks and here’s how to play:
*Listen to Q99 every weekday at 8:40 am, 11:40 am and 3:40 pm (beginning Monday, April 5).
*At each play time, we will announce a month.  If you were born in that month, be the 19th caller at 540-389-0099 and you’ll win $100.
*Then the Q99 Random Birthday Generator will select a date and year.  If the date matches your birthdate your cash prize gets upgraded to $500.  And if the randomly selected year matches your birth year, you take home $25,000!!!
Q99’s $25,000 Birthday Bucks, the game you were born to win!