Morning Show Brainbuster

2/20: The average American can say this in 3 different languages? A: “Thank you”

2/19: On any given day, about a quarter of us believe we are having one of these, what? A: bad hair day

2/18: About 15% of men will not date a woman that does this. What? A: Fan of rival sports team
2/17: About 20% of women say this was their favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, what? A: chocolate covered strawberries
2/14: Fill in the blank….The longer you have been in a relationship, you ___________ for Valentine’s Day. A: spend less
2/12: Over 70% of people say they have kept this a secret from their significant other. What is it? A: eating unhealthy snacks/fast food/sweets

2/7: In 1987 about 20% households had one of these? A: waterbeds

2/6: The first law regarding this passed in 1984? A: Seat belt law was passed in New York

2/4:  The name of this was originally gonna be “The Sound About”…what did it end up being called? A: The Sony Walkman

1/31: In the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Americans will spend 1.3 billion dollars on this, what? A: beer

1/30: Nearly half of us have done this while dining out…it doesn’t involve food…what is it? A: ask to change tables

1/29: Less than 20% of women will never do this in their lifetime. Never do what? A: color their hair

1/28: 10% of people who eat cereal do this? A: pour milk first before cereal

1/27: Over 1/3 of Americans say proposing here is tacky-where is it? A: sports event

1/24: Americans were asked “what food do you know how to make”? What was the number one response? A: scrambled eggs

1/23: About 5% of people haven’t done this? A: take down their Christmas tree

1/22: 70% of adults say they often grunt when doing this, doing what? A: get up off the couch

1/21: 50 years ago, about 10% of women did this…today about 70% of women do it? A: coloring their hair

1/20: The average family will send about 10,000 to one another in a year…what’s the number one subject of those texts? A: what to eat

1/17: The average American will do this about 130 times in a lifetime? A: go on a diet

1/16: Women were asked “If you had more time in your day what would you do more of…40% said this? A: read

1/15:  Nearly one half of people say they are tired of these? A: gender reveal parties

1/14: The average American will use 20 gallons of this in a lifetime? A: toothpaste

1/13: Video games are the #1 thing that kids are saving their money for. What is #2? A: Legos

1/9: 2/3 of us say this is the stressful thing about our house? A: clutter

1/8: Just over 5% of adult drivers have this on their dashboard-what is it? A: bobblehead

1/7: A survey asked folks to list the things they worry about the most…this was the number one response? A: getting old

1/2: This is most likely to happen in the kitchen than any other room in the house? A: arguments