Morning Show Brainbuster

12/6: 2/3 of us say we will buy a Christmas gift because of this? A: seeing it on social media

12/5:  More than 1/2 of couples will agree on this? A: a Christmas spending limit

12/4: Last Christmas 2/3 of men and 1/2 of women got this for Christmas? A: an unwanted gift

11/29: Last year during the holiday season more than 200,000 people were injured doing this? A: opening packages

11/28: Last Friday was the busiest day of the year for people who do this for a living? A: plumbers]

11/27: Over 40% of us say we regretted this about last Christmas? A: spent too much money

11/26: 1/4 of us admit to doing this at Thanksgiving? A: wearing stretchy pants

11/16: Average person will spend 16 minutes doing this? A: eating Thanksgiving dinner

11/15: Thanksgiving cooks say this is their biggest worry in preparing the dinner? A: all the food ready at the same time

11/14: In a survey what was voted as favorite thing about Thanksgiving? A: the leftovers

11/13: What is the number one excuse people give when they don’t like the Thanksgiving dinner? A: saving room for dessert

11/12: 2% of us say they won’t do this during the holidays? A: eat turkey

11/9: 20% of us have done this in a fast food drive in? A: order food for a pet

11/8: Americans were asked “I wish I had the guts to do this?” What was the #1 answer? A: get rid of their TV

11/7: 1/4 of pet owners admit they’ve done this? A: tasted their pet’s food

11/6: Over 7000 injuries are caused by this each year? A: dishwasher

11/5: 1 in 10 elementary school kids would like to be in charge of one of these when they grow up? A: a zoo

11/2: 10% of brides to be worry about this? A: uninvited guest comes to the wedding

11/1:  About 40% of parents say this will happen after trick or treating? A: they will eat more Halloween candy then their kids

10/31: About 1/4 of adults do this for Halloween? A: couples dressing

10/29: 1/3 of us say we’ve lived in a house with this? A: a ghost

10/26: 2% of people say if they hit a big lottery they would do this? A: roll around in a big pile of money

10/25: Survey of kids…least favorite Halloween treat? A: box of raisins

10/24: 20% will do this for Halloween? A: homemade costume

10/23: In 2017, 3200 people had to go to the ER after being injured doing this? A: carving a pumpkin

10/22: 15% of married couples met here? A: high school

10/19: 3/4 of us feel guilty doing this at home? A: leaving dirty dishes in the sink

10/18: Average American home has 114 of these? A: books

10/16: Wives were asked what food reminds them of their husbands? A: potato

10/15: 1/2 of people have never experienced this? A: being grounded

10/12: 20% of us say we will go where to figure out what to be for Halloween? A: Pinterest

10/11: 1/3 of couples say they get annoyed by this when out to dinner? A: sharing food

10/10: 40% say this gives them a boost in confidence? A: when they hear their favorite song

10/9: This is the person  that people are most likely to lie to? A: police officer

10/8: 40% of women wish they had smaller this? A: feet

10/5: 1/3 of women say they would never go on a date w/o this? A: mascara

10/4: Survey of Americans, “What is the most overpriced item?” A:  concert tickets

10/3: The average man will do what in public 14 times in the course of his lifetime? A: cry

10/2: In a survey, Americans were asked, “Who is the #1 person you’d like to have a pizza with?” A: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

10/1: 1/4 of people change what when moving into a new home? A: toilet seat

9/28: 20% of married couples have sought counseling to deal with this issue? A: dealing with the in-laws

9/27: 20% of married couples have sought counseling for issues about this? A: in-laws

9/26: Average American spends over 400 hours a year doing this? A: watching Netflix

9/25: 1/4 of us say it isn’t a tailgate party w/o this? A: buffalo wings

9/24: Survey of relationship experts say this is the best place to break up with someone?  A: at their place

9/21: In a survey 1/4 of people say they can’t live without this? A: a good mattress

9/20: People were asked if you could push a button to blow something up what would it be? Number one answer was computer..what was #2? A: credit cards

9/19: 17% of men have this on their desk? A: picture of their pet

9/18: Over 1/3 of people think this about an ex? A: the ex is still in love with them

9/17: The most stressful time at work comes after this? A: vacation

9/14: This has happened to about 15% of people while out on a date. What? A: had a traffic accident

9/13: In a survey, people were asked what is their least favorite chore in the bathroom…2nd choice was cleaning the toilet…what was number one? A: cleaning hair out of the drain

9/12: 12% of people have moved out of their home for this reason. What? A: Ghost

9/11: For men on dating apps this is the number one profession women will swipe right on? A: pilot

9/10: 1/2 of online daters say doing this once is ok…doing this twice in your profile is a turn off? A: misspelled words

9/7: Over 40% of those who are on dating websites say this info is important when looking for a potential date? A: what their favorite TV show is

9/6: 3/4 of Americans say they are fed up with this? A: the news

9/5: Average American has 15 days a year they would describe with this word? A: perfect

9/4: On any given day 3/4 of school kids will lie to their parents about this? A: how much homework they have

9/3: Happy Labor Day!!

8/31: 4 in 10 married women say they can not remember this. What? A: their first date

8/30: In a survey, people were asked to name a kind of pool. #1 answer was swimming pool. What was #2? A: car pool

8/29: 68% of moms say they are extremely protective when it comes to this. What? A: babysitters contact information

8/28: 1 in 6 drivers on the road right now have this in their car. What? A: a warning light that is on

8/27: About 60% of women react positively to any profile picture on social media if a man is holding this. What? A: a fish

8/24: If you do this tonight in Virginia, it will cost on average $140.85. What? A: date night

8/23: 20% of hiring managers say a job candidate made this mistake during an interview. What? A: flirted with interviewer

8/22: A majority of Americans will do this before 11:00 AM on any given day. What? A: cuss

8/21: In survey, 80 out of ten thousand people said they hate this. What? A: French Fries

8/20: 18% of married women have kept this secret from their husband in the past year? A: they had a fender bender

8/17: This has been found to help you get to sleep faster and sleep longer? A: a hammock

8/16: Survey of kids ages 6-10…What is the thing your mom does you hate the  most? A: wiping food off their face

8/15: Survey of school kids…what was the favorite part of summer? A: sleeping in

8/14: This doesn’t work in 1/4 of our homes? A: doorbell

8/13: By the time school starts, the average family has 9 of these. what? A: things they wanted to do before the end of summer but didn’t do them

8/10: In a survey of married men and women, “it” is 20 for women and “it” is 28 for men. What is “IT”? A: the number of people they kissed

8/9: Only 1 in 20 moms can say this? A: had their baby on their due date

8/8: Survey asked “What’s the subject you wish you had paid more attention to in high school?” #1 answer was math…what was #2? A: foreign language

8/7: Survey of workers asked “What is your biggest problem when it comes to meetings?” A: they start late

8/6: 1 in 10 say this would be the number one reason to leave their current job? A: new job has a shorter commute

8/3: 3/4 of women say if a man does this on a date he is a true gentleman. Do what? turn off his phone

8/2: Survey finds this is number one thing to not say in a fight with significant other? A: calm down

8/1: 10% of couples have broken up over this? A: forgot the other’s birthday

7/31: Men are 4 times more likely to do this at a party than women? A: leave without saying goodbye or thanks to the host

7/30: In the average household, the woman does this 75% of the time, what? A: make the bed

7/27: When it comes to eating cereal, about 1 in 10 of us do this? Pour milk in the bowl first

7/26: A new study out reveals that THIS makes us order unhealthy food while dining out? A: loud music

7/25: More of these are stolen in July and August over other months? A: cars

7/24: 1/4 of Americans will do this this summer? A: vacation alone

7/23: 40% of women say this is the most stressful thing about going on vacation? A: dealing with kids in the car

7/20: 1/3 of women say their man has done this without telling her? A: taken a day off from work

7/19: Over 60% of us say we have too many of these? A: clothes hangers

7/18: 90% of these are forgotten? A: dreams

7/17: 8% of women say they will never use this? A: porta john

7/16: The average person has 3,135 of these in their lifetime? A: bananas

7/13: On average, you get 17 of these every year? A: bug bites

7/12: What is the most popular summer vacation activity in the United States? A: shopping

7/11: People’s #1 pet peeve about their neighbors is their too noisy. What is #2? A: don’t clean up dog’s poop

7/10: The #1 sign you trust someone is giving them your house key.  What is #2? A: have them watch your pet

7/9: Over 1/2 of us have bought this in the past 30 days? A: bug spray

7/6: About 8% of men at one time or another have owned one of these?

7/5: About 50% of  millennials say this will happen to them? A: become a millionaire


7/3: 3% of us say this about our boss? A: can’t trust them

7/2: 50% of kids from big cities have never done this? A: roast marshmellows

6/28: New survey asked people what they wished their smart speaker could do..what was number one answer? A: teach a foreign language

6/27: On average parents spend about $800 a year on this? A: kids allowance

6/26: 20% of grandparents say they don’t like this? A: grandchild’s name

6/25: Over 1/3 of wedding DJs say they have seen this at a wedding reception? A: a fist fight

6/24: One in five men have never worn this? A: a tuxedo

6/22: 1/3 of kids who get allowance have to do this chore? A: clean dog poo

6/21: 1/4 of women think a man with this is unattractive? A: too much muscle

6/20: 1/3 of Americans have this in their yard? A: a garden

6/19: About 1/3 of women say they learned a lot about their significant other the first time they did this with him? A: grocery shop

6/18: If you do this for a living, after 7 years on the job you will have gained 20 pounds.What job is it? A: cooking show host

6/15: 42% of dads would love to do this on Father’s Day? A: grill out

6/14: Over 1/2 of women say this is their man’s worst habit? A: changing channels too much

6/13: Mom’s were asked what their husbands did best during child birth? A: stay out of the way

6/12: 40% of daughters say they’ve been embarrassed by their dad doing this? A: going shirtless in front of friends

6/11: 20% of us have already started working on this? A: Halloween costume

6/8: Doing this on weekends can extend your life? A: sleeping in

6/7: 20% of us say we miss this when we go on vacation? A: our co workers

6/6: 1/3 of us say this is rude to do this on text? A: one word answers

6/5: Survey finds men with this name are more financially successful than other men? A: Stephen

6/4: 40% of people say if money was no object they would want to do this? A: go on a safari

6/1: 76% of us do this and get embarrassed if we are caught? A: singing in the car

5/31: 15% of us have lied about this to impress? A: where we went on vacation

5/30: 40% of us want to do this on a vacation? A: swim with dolphins

5/29: 1/4 of singles say a person without this is a turn-on? A: a social media account


5/25: 14% of Americans admit to doing this? A: eaten an entire cake by themselves

5/24: Employees were asked what phrase irks you the most at meetings? A: “Think outside the box”

5/23: Over 40% of us are afraid of this? A: finding out the ingredients in hot dogs

5/22: If you really want to relax on vacation and forget about work, you gotta do this? A: get at least 1000 miles away from work

5/21: 70% of moms say they get stressed out by this? A: watching their kids play sports

5/18:  Number one place we lose our cellphones? A: grocery store

5/17: Survey of women asked what they wished they could make in the kitchen like their mother? A: number one answer, gravy

5/16: 3/4 of women have asked a stranger this? A: where did you get those shoes

5/15: Homeowners were asked what is your biggest regret about your current home? A: not big enough

5/14: Doing this elevates your heart rate as much as sky diving? A: going on blind date

5/11: 40% of parents say they occasionally steal this from their child? A: chicken nuggets

5/10: When asked what talent they wish they had, 15% of people said this? A: dancing

5/9: 70% of men have done this to please their significant other? A: watch a “chick flick”

5/8: Over 1/3 of married folk would rather go on vaca with this person than their spouse? A: a celebrity

5/7: Women are 4 times more likely to have problems with this than men? A: their feet

5/4: 10% of men say they have gone to a business meeting wearing this? A: lucky underpants

5/3: Survey asked “What superpower would you want?” Name the top 2 answers? A: Invisible and fly

5/2: Over 1/2 of us hate it when someone eats this with a fork? A: sushi

5/1: Nearly 1/2 of us have lied to a friend to get out of this? A: helping them move

4/30: Name something a man has that is too big? A: ego

4/27: Name a type of bell…doorbell number one…what was number 2? A: cowbell

4/26: Name 2 of the top 3 picnic foods? A: Sandwiches, fried chicken, watermelon

4/25:  Over 50% of people take a shower right after they do this, do what? A: take a bath

4/24: 3/4 of singles say this is a deal breaker if they saw their date do this, what? A: litter

4/23: 20% of women say they plan on losing weight because of this, what? A: class reunion

4/20: You can say this about 10% of pets? A: They have a social media page

4/19: Survey asked “Name a food you love but not in the morning?” #1 answer is fish. What’s #2? A: spaghetti

4/18: 30% of us say our significant other will not do this? A: apologize for anything

4/17: About once a week the average woman panics over this? A: nothing to wear

4/13: About 15% of women say they get jealous about this, what? A: another woman’s weight loss success

4/12: 2000 people were asked “What is the hardest driving maneuver?” #1 answer was parallel parking..what was number 2? A: backing into a parking space

4/11: 40% of us say we feel guilty doing this? A: taking vacation from work

4/10: Average woman has 11 of these she does not want? A: pounds to lose

4/9: 15% of men think they do this better than women, what? A: ironing

4/6: 1/3 of couples did this to spark their love life? A: go on a cruise

4/5: When asked why do you dislike certain neighbors, nearly 10% said this? A: fight too much

4/4: 2/3 of women did this within a week of their marriage proposal? a: get a manicure

4/3: Over 1/3 of us would take a pay cut to do this…what? A: take our pet to work

4/2: Nearly 10% of us say as kids we had to sleep here when relatives visited, where? A: a tent

3/30: Children were asked to name their favorite Easter candy, what was number 1? A: Red Jelly Beans

3/29: 1/2 of men do this daily in the bathroom? A: look for bald spots

3/28: Kids say Dad is better at this than Mom? A: teaching how to drive

3/27: Over 60% of couples say they have argued about this in the kitchen? A: to rinse or not rinse dishes going in dishwasher

3/26: The average person has 24.5 of these in a lifetime? A: pets

3/23: About a quarter of us have purchased this while on vacation, what? A: underwear

3/22: Over 1/3 of us ignore this, even though it could be harmful to our health, what? A: food/beverage expiration dates

3/21: What is the #1 type of happy dream had by both men & women? A: Traveling

3/20:  40% of us have flirted with someone at this place, where? A: Laundromat

3/19: 3/4 of women say they like the way this looks, but hate the way this feels, what? A: stubble on a man’s face

3/16: 1/3 of women say they would love to change this about their man? A: table manners

3/15: 12% of us have held onto this since elementary school? A: best friend

3/14: About 40% of teens say they have ignored their parents when asked to do this? A: friend parents on Facebook

3/13:Over 50% of women say at least one man from their past is better at this than their hubby? A: kissing

3/12: Surveys show, the average person has 60 “bad” days per year….25% of which can be attributed to this, what? A: bad hair day

3/9: 25% of kids say if they were President, they would do this every day, what? A: eat ice cream

3/8: 12% of families will not do this? A: eat leftovers

3/7:  Last year, this happened at 7% of weddings, what? A: a pet was involved in some way

3/6:  If you do this, on average, it lasts 4 days, what? A: diet

3/5:  1/2 of us don’t like to share this with our partner, what? A: dessert

3/2: The average time for this negative experience to occur is between 5:00 & 6:00 PM on Fridays? A: Road Rage

3/1:  1/3 of teenagers have ignored their parents in regards to this, what? A: Facebook friend request

2/28:  Women were asked to fill in the blank: I wish I could make ____ the way my Mom used to make it. What was the number one answer? A: Gravy

2/27:  1/2 of us change this once a week, what? A: bath towels

2/26:  1/2 of people won’t date someone who drinks this, what? A: Instant Coffee

2/23:  A 1/4 of elementary school children argue with their parents at least once a week, what? A: Lunch

2/22: 40% of us go to the same place everytime for this? A: haircut

2/21: 37% of us do this with our pets? A: talk in baby talk

2/20: 1/2 of husbands say they don’t know this about their wife? A: shoe size

2/19: Americans surveyed say this is the number one cause of a bad day? A: lack of sleep

2/16: People on average weigh 5lbs more if they have this? A: spouse

2/15: Americans were asked what celebrity should run for President…number one answer? A: Tom Hanks

2/14: 1 in 10 women will do this on this Valentine’s Day? A: send themselves flowers

2/13: 1 in 5 married couples say this was what their first fight was about? A: how to do laundry

2/12: Name 2 of the top 3 things people wonder are safe to eat raw? A: eggs, cookie dough and fish

2/9: 70% of men have this in their car at all times? A: cologne

2/8: 3 out of 5 Americans say this will no longer exist in their lifetime? A: cash money

2/7:1/3 of us have cried after this? A: a job performance review

2/6: 1/4 of married people say this annoys them more than anything else about their spouse? A: they are control freaks

2/05: Over 1/2 of us fantasize about this twice a month? A: quitting their job

2/02: About 15% of Americans plan to do what on Super Bowl Sunday? A: watch Puppy Bowl

2/01: 65% of us say this is rude when it comes to texting? A: using “K” instead of ok

1/31: Survey asked what would you do with $10,000. Number one answer was pay debt. what was 2nd? A: invest it

1/30: The best word to open an email with to get response? A: “Hey”

1/29: Most popular nickname for babies? A: peanut

1/26: In a recent study, what ends up being accurate just over 20% of the time? A: a fortune cookie

1/25: 20% of people do this to increase their changes of getting a job? A: send a handwritten thank you note

1/24: 15% of us dream like this? A: in black and white

1/23: Americans travel almost 3 billion miles a year on these? A: elevators and escalators

1/22 60% of people judge a first date by this? A: what they order to drink

1/19: 7% of women have had a dream about this man? A: a bartender

1/18: 3/4 of people who have this don’t use it? A: pool table

1/17: 1/2 of us say this is never OK to do at work? A: take your shoes off

1/16: Over 70% of parents have this picture in an album or on their phone? A: their kid in a bathtub

1/15: Average person knows 5 of these by heart? A: recipes

1/12: Both men and women say this is the least attractive part of their partners body? A: armpit

1/11: 1 in 3 wives wish their husbands would do this more? A: hold hands

1/10: The average person knows 5 of these by heart? A: Recipes

1/09: 2/3 of women would rather get this than a wedding proposal? A: promotion at work

1/08: About 20,000 people per year injure themselves doing this. What?  A: falling off a treadmill

1/05: 1/3 of women would change this about their man. A: table manners

1/04: When it comes to New Year’s Resolution Dieting, people say the #1 food that causes them to break their diet was pizza. What is the # 2 food? Chinese food

1/03: About 1/2 of Americans started doing this January 1st. What? A: taking vitamins

1/02: Scientists say this has 40 times more germs than a public restroom. What? A: elevator buttons