Morning Show Brainbuster

2/15: 60% of us have this in our car but don’t use it? A: CD player

2/14: Best place to meet someone in the grocery store? A: wine or beer section

2/13: 1 in 5 couples do this on Valentine’s Day? A: argue

2/12:1/3 of us say of all household chores, we have no tolerance for this being undone? A: dirty dishes in sink

2/11: This happens on average 290 times per week in our house? A: open the fridge

2/8: 40% of us do this with our car? A: talk to it

2/7: Women were asked if they could change one body part what would it be? A: their thighs

2/6: 1/4 of women say they would like this for Valentine’s Day? A: horse drawn carriage ride

2/5: Top 3 things we miss from our childhood? A: Summers off…fewer responsibilities…our friends

2/1: Just under 20 people on the planet have done this? A: been to every Super Bowl

1/31: About 5% of us called in sick to work because of this? A: busy binge watching a tv show

1/30: Americans get this feeling 131 days a year? A: bored

1/29: 1/3 of men who have owned one of these and hid it from their mother? A: a motorcycle

1/28: Americans spend over a billion dollars on these? A: lunchables

1/24: About 1/2 of women say they feel sexier after doing this? A: shaving their legs

1/23: 1000’s are injured each year by tripping over this? A: laundry basket

1/22: Survey asked “If money was no object, this is the vacation I would take? Number one answer…African safari

1/21: 2/3 of couples dating say doing this is a sign that a relationship is going to the next level? A: sharing Netflix password

1/18: 3/4 of us say it’s been at least 10 years since we have used one of these? A: pay phone

1/17: 1/3 of hiring managers say they would not hire a qualifying candidate that they probably otherwise would have hired because in the interview the candidate did not do this? A: smile

1/16: According to a survey of women, name two of the top five “biggest time wasters”? A: personal grooming, social media, TV, surfing internet and meetings

1/15: About 30 years ago the average person did this around 12-15 times a year but today thanks to technology it’s down to about 1-2 times. What is it? A: dialing the wrong answer

1/14: About a 1/5 of people say the first time they felt like an adult was the first time that they bought this? A: insurance

1/11: Couples who do this when they speak to one another tend to be much happier than couples who do not do this. What? A: have pet names

1/10: 20% of women say they would love to change this about their  man if they could? A: feet

1/9: Only 5% of people say this would be good on a first date? A: karaoke

1/8: 1 in 5 women say this is the worst thing about moving? A: finding a new hair stylist

1/7: 2% of us do this? A: leave Christmas decorations up all year

1/4: Over 1/4 of women have tried to lose weight by eating this? A: baby food

1/3: 20% of men say they are jealous of their best friend’s what? A: hair

1/2: About 40% of us can’t name these? A: all 4 of our grandparents names