Morning Show Brainbuster

1/17: The average American will do this about 130 times in a lifetime? A: go on a diet

1/16: Women were asked “If you had more time in your day what would you do more of…40% said this? A: read

1/15:  Nearly one half of people say they are tired of these? A: gender reveal parties

1/14: The average American will use 20 gallons of this in a lifetime? A: toothpaste

1/13: Video games are the #1 thing that kids are saving their money for. What is #2? A: Legos

1/9: 2/3 of us say this is the stressful thing about our house? A: clutter

1/8: Just over 5% of adult drivers have this on their dashboard-what is it? A: bobblehead

1/7: A survey asked folks to list the things they worry about the most…this was the number one response? A: getting old

1/2: This is most likely to happen in the kitchen than any other room in the house? A: arguments