Morning Show Brainbuster

11/8: 20% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms do it for this reason? A: different sleep schedules

11/7: Survey of women “What do you wish your husband did more often? A: hold hands

11/6: 2% of people sleep like this? A: without a pillow

11/5: Over 1/4 of us who claim we eat too much chocolate blame this person? A: co-worker

11/4: 40% of teens have not done this in the past 30 days? A: wear deoderant

11/1: Selling home is 40% harder to sell with this? A: 13 in the address

10/31: 1/4 of adults who dress up for Halloween will do this? A: wear the same costume as last year

10/30: 1/4 of Halloween costumes will include this? A: wig

10/29: Over 50% of us do this at Halloween? A: buy too much candy….on purpose

10/28: Average worker says this 3 times a week? A: “I need a vacation”

10/24: Over 10% of us say this is a no go….on an airplane? A: using the restroom

10/23: 1/4 of Americans say this a must for Halloween? A: going to a haunted house

10/22: Each year 35 million pounds of this is produced? A: candy corn (9 billion pieces)

10/21: 1 in 10 of us say this about Halloween, say what? A: it is their favorite holiday

10/17: 20% of women say they dumped a guy over this? A: too many video games

10/16: We spend an average of 18 minutes a day thinking about this; what is it? vacations/getaways

10/15: New survey asked people to rank what gives them anxiety…name 2 of the top 3 in this survey? A: job,money, socializing

10/14: The average parent does this 540 times during the school year, what? A: tell their kids to “hurry up”

10/10: Survey asked “Why would you want to move out of your house?” Number one answer was “My house is too small”….what was number 2?

10/9: 1/3 of us say this is our favorite thing about the Fall season? A: lower electric bill

10/8: 30% of us say we will do this even though we know it’s annoying? A: talk during a movie

10/7: Name something that puts you in a good mood? A: finding money

10/4: Experts sat 26 minutes is perfect for this? A: a nap

10/3: 20% of us say working this is harder than it should be? A: TV remote

10/2: 75% of moms make this decision? A: kid’s bedtime

10/1: 20% of us do this at work? A: stream TV

9/30: 10% of us have this under our bed? A: a gift for someone

9/27: 90% of these people would get a raise…if they asked for it? A: babysitter

9/25: The average age for this is 16? A: first cup of coffee

9/24: #1 rule in homes? A: shoes off the furniture

9/23: 2/3 of us have been busted doing this? A: drinking straight from container in the fridge

9/20: July, August and September top months for this? A: birthdays

9/19: About 10% of men say they would trade a wife or GF for this? A: to be a pro athlete

9/18: 1/2 of pet owners say if you have done this…you’ve gone too far? A: social media page for your pet

9/17: 1 in 5 women have done this just before a job interview? A: remove their wedding ring

9/16: 1/3 of women do this on a flight? A: pray

9/13: 1/4 of us have been annoyed by a neighbor doing this? A: playing a loud instrument

9/12: About 2/3 of us say we’ve done this in one weekend but did not intend on doing it when the weekend began? A: binge a tv show

9/11: 1/3 of us say we get our best ideas here? A: bed

9/10: 1/4 of kids say this is the worst thing about riding in the car with mom or dad? A: when they yell at other cars

9/9: 70% of women say they feel guilty doing this? A: leave the bed unmade

9/6: 90% of us do this before going to the doctor? A: google the symptoms

9/3: About 5% of us have this on our cell phone? A: piece of tape

8/30: 1/4 of us can’t name one of these? A: a neighbor

8/29: About 12% of us have done this by mistake? A: took cell phone into the shower

8/23: How to _________ is the most searched tutorial on Youtube? A: kiss

8/22: On a 1st date, you are most likely to lie about yourself…this is the 2nd most likely thing to lie about on a date? A: your parents

8/21: Survey of college students…what’s the number one must have in a dorm room? A: energy drinks

8/20: Women are 5 times more successful at this than men? A: online dating

8/19: About 1/3 of us say we would change this about our workplace if we could? A: the decor

8/13: 15% of us say we were most jealous of a friend because of this? A: weight loss

8/12: 1/5 of us say our favorite teacher taught this? A: music

8/9: Over 90% of couples who do this on a first date are more likely to have a 2nd date? A: share dessert

8/8: What’s the germiest thing in a woman’s purse? A: credit cards

8/7: Over 1/3 of singles say this is bad on a first date? A: fast food

8/2: Over 70% of those who own this…have a name for it? A: guitar

8/1: About 20% of men say this is a dealbreaker for dating a woman if she has this? A: a cat

7/31: 20% of us clean this once a year? A: oven

7/30: In the 1970s their were about 90 of these…today it’s about 800? A: breweries

7/29: 20% of us have a secret one of these? A: credit card

7/26: 2/3 of us say a vacation isn’t complete without at least one of these? A: beautiful sunset

7/25: On average, this happens 56 times a minute? A: lost luggage

7/24: 3/4 of millennials and just over 50% of baby boomers will do this in 2019? A: use all of their vacation days given to them by their workplace

7/23: 2/3 of vacationers say they will cut this first out of their vacation budget if the spending is too much? A: souvenirs

7/22: Worldwide…438 tons of this is moved every minute for this purpose? A: sand for sand castles

7/19: Most men don’t care if this is broken but 90% of women say this needs to be fixed now? A: cracked phone screen

7/18: About 80 people a year end up in the ER from injuring themselves using this? A: drinking fountain

7/17: 40% of American households now have one of these? A: Keurig or like coffee maker

7/16: 1 in 5 married people say this is the number one thing they would change about their spouse if they could?  A: laugh

7/15: Only 15% of us have held one of these in the past decade? A: a paper map

7/12: 37% of us say we talk to this thing? A: self check-out machine

7/11: 13% of women admit they have done this while driving at least once? A: paint their fingernails

7/10: The average women will do this 3 times a year at home and the average male does this once a year? A: wear pajamas all day

7/9: Name something you don’t get enough of…#1 is sleep and #2 is vacation. What is #3? A: fresh air

7/8: 1 in 4 guys have had a relationship end because he did this? A: proposed

7/5: Over 50% of us say we are willing to drive 150 miles for this? A: a concert

7/4: Happy Fourth of July

7/3: 60% of us plan on doing this for the 4th? A: wear red white and blue

7/2: 1/3 of us have turned down a wedding invitation because of this? A: too expensive to attend

7/1: Over 50% of us say this is preferred for breakfast? A: cold pizza

6/28: A majority of kids say they get embarrassed when their dads do this? A: dance

6/27: The average man knows 5 of these…women know 0 to one? A: jokes

6/26: 3/4 of us go cheap when buying this? A: sunglasses

6/25: About 20% of us say this purchase brings us the most happiness? A: coffee

6/24: 5% of men say this is their most prized possession? A: the garage

6/14: About one third of dads have one of these? A: a favorite chair

6/13: 90% of us say we feel anxiety when this happens? A: cell phone battery goes low

6/12: Men are more likely to take this on a guy’s trip than a family vaca? A: cigars

6/11: 1/4 of us say this is the rudest thing to do at the beach or pool? A: blast music

6/10: 15% of people eat this with a knife and fork? A: hot dog

6/7: About a quarter of single men say if their date does this there probably won’t be another date? A: take food pictures and post them

6/6: About 20% of us say this is our biggest pet peeve at work? A: when someone takes our favorite parking space

6/5: Name something you don’t want to see at work? A: nails being clipped by another worker

6/4: About 15% of kids say this is mom’s hardest job? A: taking care of dad

6/3: New study finds this can be as bad for you skin as too much sun? A: too many selfies

5/31: 2/3 of homeowners never do this? A: water the yard

5/30: Almost 1/3 of us say this is the most peaceful part of our day? A: our commute

5/29: 10% of men say they like this on a woman? A: hairy legs

5/28: A new survey shows over 1/3 of women say this is the most important trait in looking for a partner? A: kindness

5/27: Happy Memorial Day

5/24: About a quarter of adults say this is one of their favorite childhood summertime memories, what? A: running through the sprinkler

5/23: HR managers were asked for the top reasons people are fired…number one is not doing their job…what’s number 2? A: calling in sick too much

5/22: Most Americans are willing to drive 6 1/2 hours to avoid this, what? A: taking an airplane

5/21: About 30% of singles say they won’t date a person because they don’t like this? A: their name

5/20: 1/3 of these purchased are not used how they were intended? A: bathing suits

5/17: 1/4 of women say this is a turn off? A: men with fake tans

5/16: 2/3 of women say they’ve dumped a guy for doing this too much? A: complaining

5/15: Favorite things to eat out of a can…number one fruit..number 2 veggies…what’s third? A: pasta

5/14: Average woman owns 10 of these? A: bottles of perfume

5/13: 1/5 of workers will do this at some point this week. What? A: go to work late

5/10: This is the number one cherished memory of our moms? A: her cooking our favorite meal

5/9: 2 out of three of us say we do this when going on vacation? A: over pack

5/8: Over 40% of us have a spare one of these in the car? A: pair of pants

5/7: About 10% of pet owners share this with their pet? A: the pillow

5/6: For most who have this in their car…it doesn’t work anymore? A: air freshener

5/3: Your chance of getting hired drops dramatically if you do this at your job interview, what? A: give a gift to the interviewer

5/2: Over 1/2 of people who have this at work wish they didn’t? A:  vending machines

5/1: 1/3 of youngsters have never seen this? A: typewriter

4/30: 1/3 of us say it’s impolite to ask for this at someone’s house? A: their WiFi password

4/29: Average time for this is 4 minutes 12 seconds? A: a bout of hiccups

4/26: 40% of us have this in our kitchen? A: chopsticks

4/25: Survey of women say the hardest clothing to find in the right size are these two? A: jeans and bathing suit

4/24: 1/3 o men say they don’t like this on a first date? A: when she shows too much cleavage

4/23:  Over 1/2 of men say they cried when they had to get rid of this? A: a car

4/22:1/3 of us do this when staying in a hotel? A: tip housekeeping

4/19: 1/4 of families will argue over this? A: who’s gonna mow the lawn

4/18: 1/2 of women agree men should never wear this to work? A: shorts

4/17: 8% of us do this when eating out? A: bring our own salad dressing

4/16: A majority of people say they would not go on an all-expenses paid vaca here? A: the moon

4/15: 1/5 of us say our this is our favorite childhood memory? A: Ice cream truck

4/12: 1/3 of men do not know this about their partner? A: favorite flower

4/11: 22% of men admit to being jealous of their best friend’s _______…what is it? A: Hair

4/10:3/4 of women like the way this looks, but hate the way it feels, what? A: Their man’s stubble

4/09: 1/2 of people who live together say they cannot agree on how to do this? A: Load the dishwasher

4/08: Research shows co-workers who do this get along better and are more productive, do what? A: Hug

4/05: Women are three times more likely than men to do this in a movie theatre. What? A: Take their shoes off

4/04: When it comes to our significant other, 12% of us say this? A: We are better looking than our significant other

4/03: Fill in the blank…Happy______? 19% said this? A: Meal

4/02: What do you wish your dog could do? No. 1 answer was talk..but over half said this? A: Brush their own teeth

4/01:Men are healthier with one of these? A: A sister

3/29: 5% of US Moms have this in common, what? A: They did not give birth in a hospital

3/28: When it comes to old photos, women say this was their most regrettable look? A: Shoulder pads

3/27: 2/3 of those with this have never washed it? A: Cat

3/26: According to online daters, they are putting as much emphasis on this as looks? A: Similar political views

3/25:1/3 of us say if you have this it’s an eyesore? A: Sofa on the porch

3/22: Over 40% of us consider ourselves this? A: Work a holic

3/21: When it comes to how we see ourselves 3/4 of us claim this? A: We’re funny

3/20: Survey of our biggest complaints, number one is customer service…What’s number 2? A: Telemarketers

3/19: Rank the four seasons from fav to least fav? A: Spring Fall Summer Winter

3/18: 40% of us  do this everyday at work? A: Dress casually

3/15: Half of all wives have said this about their husband’s behavior at one time or another, what? A: Like having another child

3/14: Six percent of people with artwork on their walls say this is how they obtained it. How is that? A: Previous owners of the home left it on the wall

3/13: 40% of us do this when expecting visitors to our home, do what? A: Light a candle

3/12: 1/4 of us say we have based our decision on where to go on vacation on this? A: How it would look on social media

3/11: Over 1/3 of Americans do this in their spare time, do what? A: Work a second job

3/8: Name two of the top three most recognizable smells? A: Peanut Butter, coffee, roses

3/7: Survey of 4000 workers finds about 10% say they do this every hour while at work? A: Check in with their significant other

3/6: 1/3 of us say watching this puts us in a better mood? A: Sunsets

3/5: #1 food in people’s dreams? A: Chocolate

3/4: Over the course of a lifetime, the average person will have 200 of these? A: Colds

3/01: Dick & Dave’s Miracle Day

2/28: According to a new study, this can give you a boost in your mood that can last up to two days. What is it? A: When your favorite team wins a big game!

2/27: About 1/3 of couples say they started doing this MORE after they got married, what? A: Saving money

2/26: The average set of parents have 1300 of these…what are they? A: Mementos from their kids

2/25: Work places with this have a 25% uptick in productivity? A: music

2/22: #1 thing we don’t get enough of is sleep…number 2? A: vacations

2/21: Average woman has $500 worth of this? A: clothes never worn

2/20: 18% of us do this first thing in the morning? A: let the dog out

2/19:  2/3 of parents still have this from their kid’s childhood, what? A: First pair of baby shoes

2/18: 3/4 of us say it has been 10 years since we used one of these. What? A: Pay phone

2/15: 60% who have this don’t use it? A: car CD player

2/14: Best place to meet someone in a grocery store? A: wine and beer section

2/13: Nearly 20% of couples will do this on Valentine’s Day, what? A: Have an argument

2/12: 1/3 of us say of all household chores, we have no tolerance for this being undone? A: Dirty dishes in the sink

2/11:  In the average household, this happens 290 times a week, what? A: Refrigerator door gets opened

2/08: When it comes to our vehicles, 40% of us do this on a regular basis. What? A: Talk to their car

2/07: Women were asked if they could change one body part what would it be? A: their thighs

2/06: About a quarter of women want this for Valentine’s Day, what? Horse drawn carriage ride

2/05: A new study finds 3/4 of us miss our childhood. Name 2 of the top 3 things missed the most? A: 1: Summer vacation 2: fewer responsibilities 3: friends

2/04: 90% of the world’s population have this. What? A: An “inee” bully button

2/01:  Less than 20 people on the planet have done this, done what? A: Been to every Super Bowl (this year is number 53)

1/31: About 5% of us called in sick last year because of this? A: Binge watching a TV show

1/30:  A new survey shows Americans get this feeling 131 days a year….what feeling? A: Boredom

1/29: 1/3 of men who have owned one of these say they hide it from their mothers. What? A: Motorcycle

1/28: Americans spend over a billion dollars a year on this (mostly families with young kids). What? A: Lunchables

1/25: A new survey says it takes us over 10 minutes to decide on this. What? A: What to watch on Netflix

1/24: About 1/2 of women say they feel sexier after doing this. What? A: Shave their legs

1/23: Thousands of people end up in the ER each year because they trip over this. What? A: Laundry basket

1/22: If money were no object, what is the #1 vacation people would take? A: A safari in Africa

1/21: 2/3 of couples dating, say doing this is a sign the relationship is going to the next level. What? Sharing the password to Netflix

1/18: 3/4 of us say it’s been at least 10 years since we have used one of these? A: pay phone

1/17: 1/3 of hiring managers say they would not hire a qualifying candidate that they probably otherwise would have hired because in the interview the candidate did not do this? A: smile

1/16: According to a survey of women, name two of the top five “biggest time wasters”? A: personal grooming, social media, TV, surfing internet and meetings

1/15: About 30 years ago the average person did this around 12-15 times a year but today thanks to technology it’s down to about 1-2 times. What is it? A: dialing the wrong answer

1/14: About a 1/5 of people say the first time they felt like an adult was the first time that they bought this? A: insurance

1/11: Couples who do this when they speak to one another tend to be much happier than couples who do not do this. What? A: have pet names

1/10: 20% of women say they would love to change this about their  man if they could? A: feet

1/9: Only 5% of people say this would be good on a first date? A: karaoke

1/8: 1 in 5 women say this is the worst thing about moving? A: finding a new hair stylist

1/7: 2% of us do this? A: leave Christmas decorations up all year

1/4: Over 1/4 of women have tried to lose weight by eating this? A: baby food

1/3: 20% of men say they are jealous of their best friend’s what? A: hair

1/2: About 40% of us can’t name these? A: all 4 of our grandparents names