Breakfast Club Brainbuster

12/16: When it comes to giving gift cards- this is the least popular gift card people like to receive. What? Movie theater gift card

12/15: 25% of us plan on giving a gift to this person? Who? School Bus driver

12/12: Women were asked to name the top 3 skill all guys should have? Name 2: Do laundry and Fix toliet

12/11:1/2 of us admit we do this to much during the Holidays? Plug in to many things into one outlet.

12/10: 7% of people say this is their favorite part about gift giving? Wrapping the gift!

12/9: About 10% of us admit they will do this, this week. What? Take a peek at at Christmas gift! 

12/8: Over 40% of those surveyed say they will absolutely re gift this. What? A candle

12/5: Only 5% of U.S. homes do not have this. What? Ketchup

12/4: Over 15% of people are afraid of this. What? Elevators

12/3: The average person will do this 3 times this Holiday season. What? Get a gift for someone they dont like

12/2: If you were a flavor what flavor would you want to be? Number 1 answer-coffee

12/1: The average single man does this 4 times a month. What? Eats 4 frozen pizzas a month!

11/26: This will happen at 5% of Thanksgiving gatherings. What? Ask guests to pitch in money for the meal!

11/25: What is the #2 thing people keep from old relationships? Ticket Stubs

11/24: Over 1/3 of families will do this before Thanksgiving. What? Hire a house cleaning service 

11/21: This happens to the adverage American on November 30th. What? Receive their first Christmas card of the season.

11/20: This happens more on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. What? 5k races

11/19: Women say this is the rudest thing a guy can do on a first date. What? Order their food.

11/18: 22% of men refer to their wife by this name when talking to other guys. What? The Boss

11/17: 5% of women say they would ditch their man for this? What? Favorite Pair of Jeans. 

11/14: 80% of pet owners have done this. What? Taken a selfie with their pet!

11/13: 20% of women say this is the first thing they look for when they enter a man's house for the 1st time. What? Dirty Dishes

11/12: 70% of men admit they have lied about something on the first date- Half of those men say the lie was about what? How much they workout! 

11/11: 47% of American workers say this would be the number one perk,  they would want on a job. What? Free Soda

11/10: Over half of the people who have this have never used it. What? A Sun Roof

11/07: About 10% of us have fallen asleep here. Where? A Funeral

11/06: Over a quarter of sports fans admit they have done this to help their team win. What? Pray

11/05: Ladies, this drives guys crazy when you say this. What? Dude

11/04: Moms are more likely than Dads to do this. What? Admit they have a favorite child

11/03: 62% of employers are less likely to hire women who do this at an interview. What? Do not wear make-up

10/31: 40% of people said that they or someone they know have done this. What? Seen a ghost

10/30: Over 5 million of these are sold every Halloween season. What? Vampire teeth

10/29: 17% of U.S. households do this for Halloween. What? Decorate with fake spiderwebs

10/28: A survey of single women were asked "What is the worst thing a guy can put on his dating profile?" Don't want kids

10/27: A quarter of us have done this on vacation involving people we have befriended. What? Gave them a fake number

10/24: 10% of us that are in relationship hide this from our significant other. What? Love letters from our ex

10/23: As of last year about 16% of kids have done this. (40 Years ago that number was 68%) What? Bobbing for apples 

10/22: A quarter of us have never been here. Where? Inside their next door neighbor's house

10/21: About 7% of us have done this while watching our favorite football team play. What? Broke a cell phone

10/20: This is just as likely as a criminal record to keep you from getting a job. What? A goofy email address

10/17: What are the top three things nutritionists say you should never consume? Soda, French Fries and Potato Chips

10/16: According to a survey of Americans, what is the worst thing you can say when someone says "I Love You"? That's sweet

10/15: About 11% of Americans have worked here. Where? Convenient Stores

10/14: Last year over 850,000 people went to the ER after tripping over this. What? A pet

10/13: 20% of us have done this secretly while visiting someone else's house. What? Changing the toilet paper

10/10: More than 3,000 people go to the ER each year because of this. What? Tripping over the laundry basket

10/9: Half of dog owners say their dog enjoys doing this. What? Watching TV

10/8: 31% of us have embarrassed ourselves here. Where? Wedding Reception

10/7: Women do this 3 times more often than men. What? Hit the snooze button

10/6: A survey of Americans were asked, "What is the biggest rip-off?" What is the #1 answer. Printer Ink

10/3: The typical woman experiences this for the first time at age 33. What? Grey hair

10/2: Research finds that like yawning, this behavior is contagious. What? Checking your cell phone

10/1: On average, this happens 50 times a year. What? Blowing your car horn

9/30: Survey of men and women were asked, how do you know when a relationship is getting serious? #1 answer. One cooks dinner for the other

9/29: About a third of us have this on our cellphone. What? Nude Selfies

9/26: Over half of women in a relationship have one of these. What? A Plan B boy

9/25: About one half of all Americans have this for dinner once a month but households with kids have this twice a month or more. What? Breakfast

9/24: If you have one of these, you weigh about fifteen pounds than someone who doesn't have one of these. What? Cookie Jar on counter

9/23: The average man spends over 10,000 hours during his life her. Where? In a bar

9/22: A survey of drivers were asked what is the most embarrassing thing you do involving driving. What is the Number one answer? Forgot where you parked

9/19: Almost 1/3 of women say they dislike this about their friends. What? Their engagement ring

9/18: The average guy finds this to be a turn off if a woman does this on a first date. What? Says he's cute

9/17: 80% of Americans live within 5 miles of one of these. What? YMCA

9/16: Among woemn, this is the profession most likely to attempt online dating. What? Teachers

9/15: When surveyed, workers were asked what movie title best describes your boss. What? Dumb and Dumber

9/12: This is 32% more likely to happen on a casual Friday than any other day of the work week. What? Co-workers flirting

9/11: According to a new survey, the number one pet peeve at the gym is people taking work-out selfies. What is #2? naking people talking to you

9/10: 12% of men say a woman has broken up with him because he said this. What? You wear too much makeup

9/9: About 35% of those surveyed say they don't have one of these at work. What? A friend

9/8: Just about 30% of us will use 2 or more of these each morning. What? Alarms

9/5: 7% of women admit they have dont this while driving. What? Paint toenails

9/4: 2/3 of people with smart phones never do this. What? Download apps

9/3: Ladies, the average man will not notice this about you. What?  Gain or lose 10 pounds

9/2: Americans were asked, what they missed most about the pre-digitial world? #1 answer, not being unreachable


8/29: 15% of brides to be did this. What? Purchased a dress that was too small as an incentive to lose weight

8/28: Over half of woman have used a curling iron for this purpose. What? Fake microphone

8/27: If this happens more than 7 times, it can ruin a family outing, what? Taking family pictures

8/26: 40% of men who have this hide it from their mother. What? Motorcycle

8/25: 50% of people who have done this say they regret it. What? Getting divorced

8/21: This hotel feature first appeared in 1820. What? Locks on the door

8/20: 59% of us think it is unethical to do this. What? Take too many items through the "Express Lane" at the grocery store

8/19: About 10% of employees admit to stealing this at work. What? Co-workers lunch

8/18: 2/3 of women say they can tell how masculine a man is by using this method. What? What kind of drink he orders

8/15: 1/3 of us admit that this embarassing thing has happened. What? Got locked out of the hotel room

8/14: Just over 1/2 of parents let their kids do this. What? Win at games

8/13: Most people 35 and over have this at their house, but hide it when people come over. What? Reading glasses

8/12: 15% of working Americans are able to do this daily. What? Wake up without an alarm

8/11: Over half of us say this is the most annoying thing a restuarant server does. What? Ask how your food is before you've eaten any of it

8/8: A survey of 5,000 married women were asked, "What do you wish your husband's mother had taught him? How to iron

8/7: 45% of men say they've made a fool of themselves while doing this. What? Opening a bottle of wine

8/6: A recent survey, the pet name that women hate the most is Babe, what's the #2 response? Sweet cheeks

8/5: During a week of vacation, the average person will do this 10 times. What? Post on Facebook

8/4: Nearly 20% of parents fell embarassed or guilty that they have done this. What? Hidden in the bathroom to get away from their kids

8/1: The avergae mean looks at 14 of these before buying one. What? Engagement rings

7/31: The avergae person under 35 does this 3 1/2 hours a day. What? Wears headphones

7/30: 4 out of 5 kids lie to their parents about this. What? Brushing their teeth

7/29: 55% of us say we're not very good at this. What? Telling if someone is flirting with us

7/28: 61% of American have never used one of these. What? A dail phone

7/25: 1/3 of women don't like it when a man wears this. What? A Hawaiian shirt

7/24: A recent survey asks people what is the most stressful thing you have ever experienced? Buying or selling a car

7/23: Over 40% of us have this or have had this in our cars. What? A baby on board sign

7/22: 1 our of 200 homes have this right now. What? Christmas lights up

7/21: 22% of us have stopped the car to do this. What? Help a turtle cross the road

7/18: 45% of us say we never change this. What? Hairstyle

7/17: The lower you set your AC thermostat the better chance this will happen to you. What? Nightmares

7/16: About 20% of people say this is their least favorite wedding tradition. What? The father giving away the bride

7/15: 10 billion of these are thrown away every year and not even used. What? Ketchup packets

7/14: Over the past decade the number of people getting help for this has increased 60%. What? Snoring

7/11: 12% of men say they have stolen this from a friend. What? Viagra

7/10: Men use about 90% of this on vacation, women use about 60%. What is it? The clothes they packed

7/9: Over 40% of men say they have flirted with this woman at work. What does she do? A bank teller

7/8: 37% of women say this is the most important thing to take on vacation. What? Comfy pjs

7/7: 43% of couples have had a heated arguement regarding the proper way to do this. What? Load the dishwasher


7/3: Over 70% of these in America came from China. What? American flags

7/2: 1 in 3 guys cannot go a week without this. What? Pizza

7/1: In a recent survey by, 30% of people say they won't ask someone out because of this. What? Their name

6/30: On average, this lasts 22 seconds. What? A voicemail greeting

6/27: The average woman buys 360 of these over the course of her life. What? Bottles of nail polish

6/26: 42% of us don't like it when someone posts a selfie while doing this. What? Working out

6/25: One third of men say, they have been known to do this because they think it makes them feel & look cool. What? Sunglasses at night

6/24: 31% of daughters say this is the most embarassing thing dads do in front of her friends. What? Take his shirt off

6/23: 10% of people will not travel without this. What? A roll of toliet paper

6/20: 1/3 of women are more attracted to men who include this in their online profile picture. What? A picture of them with a pet

6/19: About 30% of moms refuse to share this with their friends. What? Their babysitters' information

6/18: Over 1/3 of women intentionally avoid friends because of this. What? Dieting

6/17: When asked to describe the perfect vacation in one word, women said romantic. What did men say? Cheap

6/16: 65% of dads refuse to let their kids touch this. What? The thermometer

6/13: 11% of us will do this, this weekend. What? Go to a yard sale, garage sale or flea market

6/12 90% of us say this stresses us out more than our job does. What? Cell phone battery dies

6/11: A little over half of men still have this from their childhood. What? Baseball glove

6/10: This movie has been shown more on basic cable this past year than any other year. What it is? Mrs. Doubtfire

6/9: Over 1/3 of men do this before going on a date. What? Trim nose hairs

6/6: 47% of adults have never done this for their significant other. What? Breakfast in bed

6/5: Survey of flight attendants. What's the worst thing people do on flights? Clip toenails

6/4: 80% of women say they do this when they go to the swimming pool. What? Suck in their bellies

6/3: This is true for about 40% of us right now. What? We're late for something

6/2: A survey of single adults. Most women have 4 of these, while men have 2. What? Pillows

5/30: Milkman is #1 on the list of most obsolete jobs. What's #2? Elevator operator

5/29: About 50% of men say they've been meaning to do this but havent gotten around to it yet. What? A bucket list

5/28: When it comes to online dating sites, this is the worse thing a guy can put on a dating profile. What? He does want kids

5/27: The average women will have 111 of these in her lifetime. What? Pocketbooks

5/23: Relationship experts say women who have one of these are more likely to cheat in their relationship than women who do not have one of these. What? A personnel trainer

5/22: 9% of babies born in the last year have one of these. What? An email account

5/21: 1/2 of mothers have done this, this week. What? Returned a Mother's Day gift

5/20: 45% of newlyweds say when it came to their wedding day, they would have liked a reminder about this. What? Smiling during the ceremony

5/19: The average kitchen has 6 of these. What? Fridge magnets

5/16: 15% of parents admit they've asked their kids for help with this. What? The TV remote

5/15: A waiter or waitress can expect 20% more in tips if they do this. What? Wear red

5/14: Over the course of a lifetime, this will happen about 25 times. What? Get a prank phone call

5/13: In a recent survey, the #1 product tagline was "Got Milk?". What was the #2? "Don't leave home without it."

5/12: About 3,000 people in NYC do this for a living. What? Hot dog street vendors

5/9: The average woman does this 3 times a week for about 16 minutes. What? Calling her mom

5/8: Parents do this 34% more with the 1st child than subsequent children. What? Take them to the doctor

5/7: 75% of people say you shouldn't do this on Facebook. What? Friend your boss

5/6: 9% of women say they enjoy doing this. What? Looking at yourself in the mirror

5/5: Phone chargers are the #1 thing left behind in hotel rooms. What is the #2 thing? Underwear

5/2: 15% of Americans say this is the scariest creature on Earth. What? Cock roach

5/1: 3/4 of American workers describe themselves like this at work. I am ______. What? Sleepy

4/30: More women than men will watch this sporting event. What? The Kentucky Derby

4/29: Americans spend over $400 a year on this. What? Lending money

4/28: In the time it takes to ask this question, this will happen 150,000 times. What? Likes on Facebook

4/25: Married men are 8 times more likely to do this than single men. What? Obey the speed limit

4/24: Relationship experts say you'll have an easier time getting over a breakup if you do this. What? Change your ringtone

4/23: Almost half of married men do this within the first 3 years of marriage. What? Lose their wedding ring

4/22: About 40% of women admit if they had a little more confidence they'd do this. What? Go to a nude beach

4/21: Over 1/3 of us will do this for good luck when given the chance. What? Pick up a penny heads up

4/18: Americans will spend 8 million dollars on this for Easter. What? Fake grass

4/17: 10% of workers say they're afraid of this at work. What? The copier

4/16: 43% of us admit we still hav at least one of these around the house, even though it no longer works. What? Air freshener

4/15: 20% of us say we've done this. And 10% of those say they do it about once a year. What? Moon someone

4/14: This takes a woman about 7 tries before she gets it right. What? Tries on 7 outfits at a store before picking one out

4/11: What in your junk drawer can't you live without? Name 2 of the top 3 answers. Keys, Rubberbands and Birthday Candles

4/10: A recent survey asked what brings you the greatest joy? Over 1/3 of people said this. What? A clean house

4/9: 20% of couples say they frequently argue about this. What? The significant other taking too long in the shower

4/8: 18% of us say this started the biggest family argument in the past year. What? Board or video game

4/7: Facebook users from our area will do this more often today. What? Negative posts because it's raining

4/4: New survey says liver is the most hated food. What is the #2? Lima Beans

4/3: Researchers say you should be using your pinky finger omre often to do this. What? Eat a hamburger

4/2: Over a quarter of women wished thier men did not own this. What? A set of golf clubs

4/1: 26% of married men wish their wives were less _______. What? Messy

3/31: Half of guys admit they've looked foolish doing this. What? Opening a bottle of wine

3/28: More men do this during March Madness than any other time of the year. What? Get a vasectomy

3/27: The #1 thing kids hate to hear their parents say - Money doesn't grow on trees. What is #2? We'll see.

3/26: 1 in 5 have misplaced a cell phone and found it here. Where? A laundry basket

3/25: 3 out of 10 people say they would not date a person because of this. What? A name

3/24: 1/2 of us do this once a week, but 2% of us do this every day. What? Change the sheets

3/21: An average woman gets 100 of these in her lifetime. What? Bouquets of flowers

3/20: Research shows we become visibly agitated if we have to wait more than 40 seconds for this. What? An Elevator

3/19: If you want to do this perfectly, you'll need exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds. What? Make a piece of toast

3/18: A survey, the #1 thing from your 20s you most regret in your 40s. What? Hanging around your parents more

3/17: About 20% of parents have done this some what deceitful act. What? Replaced a dead pet

3/14: If you have children aged 4-12, you spend about $250 on this every year. What? Birthday party gifts

3/13: 43% of Americans never do this unless they have to. What? Change their password

3/12: Dick is eating a banana. Dave is not. This is more likely to happen to Dick than Dave. What? Being stung by a bee

3/11: 72% of us say this item has improved their family life. What? DVR

3/10: 40% of guys say they love it when their wife does this. What? Belch

3/6: Just about all of us have worn this but only 10% of us have purchased this. What? Bowling shoes

3/5: What do 1 in 5 people say this about the blue ray player? They think it's a sea creature

3/4: 1 in 5 men say they realize they are getting older when this happens. What? Start complaining about music being too loud

3/3: 48% of men say, when a woman does this she looks even more beautiful. What? Wears glasses

2/28: Men get 2/3 of these. What? Speeding tickets

2/27: Only 28% of American households still have these. What? Ice cube trays

2/26: The average person knows two people that have one of these. What? A unibrow

2/25: 19% of single men say this is the reason they are single. What? Their embarassing car

2/24: 18% of us will do this today. What? (It involves singing) Sing a commerical jingle

2/21: 4% of men have done this in an attempt to pick up a woman. What? Used a fake accent

2/20: About 1/3 of adults say they do this to relieve stress. What? Watch cartoons

2/19: 3% of us have done this on a first date. What? Gone to the bathroom and never came back

2/18: According to a survey, 2/3 of women say that this is the important thing in their wardrobe. A Little black dress

2/17: The average American will have this for lunch about 50 times a year. What? Nothing

2/14: A majority of parents of elementary school kids did this for Valentine's Day. What? Made a Valentine's mailbox

2/13: 48% of us love to do this on a snow day. What? Make hot chocolate

2/12: In the past 5 years, our time spent at red lights have increased by 5 seconds because of this. What? People checking their cell phones.

2/11: 6% of iphone users have done this to their phone. What? Named it

2/10: The average person has 28 of these during their lifetime. What? First kisses

2/07: 1 in 7 people will not do this this weekend. What? Take a bath

2/06: According to a survey, one fifth of men don't know this. What? When Valentine's Day is

2/05: 40% of think it's gross when a coworker does this. What? Takes his/her shoes off at work

2/04: 34% of dog owners say they dislike this. What? When a stranger pets their dog

2/03: 95% of us get nervous when we hear these four words. What words? We need to talk

1/31: About 8% of us will do this for the Super Bowl. What? Buy a new TV

1/30: In the 1st year of a relationship, on average, women get 7 of these. What? Pounds

1/29: Couples who do this are less likely to have an argument. What? Dim the lights

1/28: 48% of us say this is the most annoying thing that Faceook friends post about. What? Diet and Exercise

1/27: 15% of men admit they have never done this. What? Put new roll of toilet paper on the toilet paper holder

1/24: 1 in 15 movie-goers do this. What? Stay & watch the credits

1/23: 70% of people are more likely to do this when it's cold out. What? Watch romantic movies

1/22: If you do this, on average it takes you 5 tries to get it right. What? Selfies

1/21: 16% of us say they can't remember the last time they did this. What? Had fun

1/20: According to a survey, women can save on average $250 a year on merchandise by doing this. What? Flirting with the clerk

1/17: In a survey of singles, they were asked why they're still single, #1 answer was. Why? They're too picky

1/16: Over 300 Americans were taken to the emergency room last year after swallowing this. What? A paperclip

1/15: 73% of men in a survey said they won't let their significant other touch this. What? Cell phone

1/14: A new survey asked married women, " What's the toughest thing to get your husband to do?" Go to the doctor

1/13: About 40% of us do this about 5 times a day. What? Hit the snooze

1/10: 20% of drivers broke this law in the last year. What? Parking in the handicap spot

1/09: 10% of women say this is a total turn off. What? A hairy chest

1/08: when asked what are you most reluctant to discuss with your doctor, 10% of men said this. What?  Smelly feet

1/07: On cold days, 5% of us have done this. What? Worn mis-matched gloves

1/06: 10% of us have done this to a stranger. What? Taken a picture of them without their knowledge

1/03: According to a survey, 30% of married men wished their wives were less _______. What? Messy

1/02: 12% of divorcees say this was one of the reasons she divorced him. Too much of it. What? Video gaming