Breakfast Club Brainbuster

1/13: 44% of parents say this is the number 1 pet peeve when it comes to their teenage children. What? Not telling them where they are

1/12: 25% of married people say if they won a big lottery they would do this. What? Get a divorce

1/09: 1/3 of drivers say they dont know how to do this. What? Refill washer fluid

1/08: 8% of people are so cheap they admit they have done this. What? Put cheap booze in top shelf bottles

1/07: 10% of Americans did this in 2014. What? Kept their New Years resolution

1/06: 15% of men say they have broken it off with a girl because of this. What? Her laugh

1/05: 80% of people who try this fail. What? Becoming a vegetarian.

1/02: No Brainbuster today