Morning Show Brainbuster

4/01: In an office survey 80% of women say, if they could give one piece of advice to their male colleagues it would be this. What? Wear an undershirt

3/31: About 20% of us say this is our favorite place to hide money in our home. Where? A shoe

3/30: The average person spends about $4,500 on this every year. What? Buying items they regret

3/27: 60% of us say we have done this in a hotel room. What? Clean the toilet

3/26: One quarter of people say this would be the best thing about have a self-driving car. What? Permit designated driver

3/25: About 1/3 of drivers admit they have done this. What? Hit a mailbox

3/24: What is the #1 lie parents hear the most from their kids? "I brushed my teeth!"

3/23: Married people were asked what is the last thing your spouse did to make you give them the silent treatment? Threw out something of yours and did not tell you

3/20: About 30% of people say they won't buy a house if it has this. What? The number 13 in the address

3/19: 18% of married men say this has happened to them. What? The mother-in-law hits on him

3/18: 1 in 10 women have turned down a date with a man because of this. What? Too many tattoos

3/17: About 30% of men have lied about this to impress someone. What? That they can play golf

3/16: There are about 14 thousand of these on TV every year. What? Answers on Jeopardy

3/13: 1/3 of kids going to school this morning have this in their backpacks. What? Hand Sanitizer

3/12: Experts say you should do this on the third date. What? Cook at home

3/11: A survey of 1000 people say the gym is the #1 place to pick-up people. What are the worst places to pick-up people? (2 out of the top 3) 1.During surgery 2. At a funeral 3. At work

3/10: According to a survey, what is the most popular pick-up line in America? Don't I know you from somewhere

3/09: 37% of college students have done this in the past month. What? Fallen asleep in class

3/06: 2015 Dick & Dave's Care For Kids Radiothon-No Brainbuster

3/05: 15% of working women say they prefer to have lunch at the office for this reason. What reason? So they won't go shopping

3/04: 16% of drivers on the road are doing this right now. What? Eating

3/03: About 1/5 of us are considering doing this right now. What? Finding a new job

3/02: 80% of us say that even if this was free we would turn it down. What? A trip to outer space

2/27: 2/3 of women say they are more attracted to a man who has this. What? A dog

2/26: 1/3 of Women say if they could change one thing about their man it would be this. What? His table manners

2/25: These are the three words women like to hear the most. What are they? "You've Lost Weight!"

2/24: How many of these do you have? #1 answer was 4, 4 of what? Trustworthy Friends

2/23: 98% of Americans have one of these, 2% do not. What? Middle name

2/20: 2/3 of married women say they do this to their husband at least once a month. What? Give them the silent treatment

2/19: What was the number one response to this statement: "The one thing i am afraid in my home is..." What? Garbage disposal

2/18: 10% of all pictures ever taken have this in common. What? They were taken in the past 12 months

2/17: 55% of employees say they wish their workplace had better what? Coffee

2/16: 80% of married people did this on Valentine's Day. What? Kissed their pet more than they kissed their spouse

2/13: 55% of singles say that you should never ask someone you are dating to do this. What? Unfriend an ex

2/12: Describe your significant other in one word. What? Stubborn

2/11: A quarter of women have done this in a relationship. What? Turned down a marriage propsal

2/10: The average person will do this about 15-20 times a month. What? Quote a movie

2/9: Almost 80% of us have done an online search for this. What? Their ex

2/6: 86% of men will give this to their woman on Valentine's Day. What? The wrong gift

2/5: In 80% of households with children, mom decides this. What? Bedtime

2/4: 16% of women demand that their man does this. What? Eyebrow plucking

2/3: 22% of those who have one of these admit it's at least 5 years old. What? Facebook profile picture

2/2: Nearly 1/5 of people admit they have done this late at night, what? Gone through neighbors trash

1/30: This has happened in 24 Super Bowls, what? 50/50 heads to tails 

1/29: The average person does this 4 times a day. What? Google somthing

1/28: According to a survey of women, a majority say a man with good ___makes him more attractive. What? Manners

1/27: The average person will own about 45 of these in their lifetime. What? Sunglasses

1/26: Their are more of these in Florida than Mc Donalds resturants. What? Tanning Salon

1/23: Most men say it drives them crazy in a good way when their woman does this. What? Whispers in their ear

1/22: Average American has this on them right now. What? $22 dollars in cash

1/21: 20% of us have never had owned one of these. What? Ice Scraper

1/20: What is the most embarrsing thing in the world that could happen to you? Walk in on someone in the bathroom

1/19: Americans collectivly loose about 50 million dollars a year doing what? Leaving change in vending machine

1/16: This the 5th most popular activity to do on cell phone. What? Make a phone call

1/15: 1/3 of women they sometimes feel bitter at their partner because of this. What? their partner is aging better then they are

1/14: 40% of women say this is the 1st thing they consider before agreeing to go on a 1st date. What? their  height

1/13: 44% of parents say this is the #1 pet peeve when it comes to their teenage children. What? Not telling them where they are

1/12: 25% of married people say if they won a big lottery they would do this. What? Get a divorce

1/09: 1/3 of drivers say they dont know how to do this. What? Refill washer fluid

1/08: 8% of people are so cheap they admit they have done this. What? Put cheap booze in top shelf bottles

1/07: 10% of Americans did this in 2014. What? Kept their New Years resolution

1/06: 15% of men say they have broken it off with a girl because of this. What? Her laugh

1/05: 80% of people who try this fail. What? Becoming a vegetarian.

1/02: No Brainbuster today