Morning Show Brainbuster

10/1: Men who do this at work earn 20% more than men who don't do this. What? Tuck in your shirt

9/30: Employees do this on Wednesday more than any other day of the week. What? Nap at work

9/29: Bosses were asked, "What's the most annoying phrase an employee says"? With all due respect

9/28: 1/3 of men have done this while out to eat. What? Use the wrong restroom

9/25: Almost 1/4 of women say you should know this about a man before dating him. What? His political affiliation

9/24: This happens to the average person three times a week. What? Computer lock up

9/23: Over 1/2 of us dont want our significant other to do this while we are in bed. What? Serve breakfast in bed

9/22: 3/4 of Facebook users admit they have blocked a friend because of this. What? Game requests

9/21: 60% of newlyweds had one of these at their wedding. What? An ex

9/18: 58% of us don't know this about our car. What? The license plate number

9/17: About 20% of us say we are going to do this at some point this fall. What? Visit a haunted house

9/16: 89 % of us would give this person a raise if they ask for it. Who? The babysitter

9/15: The number of women doing this has increased 1/3 in the past few years. What? Playing Fantasy Football

9/14: 1 in 5 of us did this over the summer. What? Pushed someone into the water

9/11: 5% of women say they would choose this over their boyfriend. What? Favorite pair of jeans

9/10: In a survey, people were asked name something that you should not own after the age of 30. 43% of people said this. What? Bean bag chair

9/09: This travels at about the same speed as a snail. What? Ketchup coming out of a glass bottle

9/08: 2/3 pf parents have a picture of their children doing this. What? Taking a bath

9/04: 75% of people over 40 have one of these but those under 40 only 33% have one. What? Phone books

9/03: What are the top five words women can not stand? Squirt, chunky, panties, flap and curd

9/02: What are the top three items that are most often left behind in a hotel room? Cell phone chargers, underwear and stuffed animals

9/01: If it meant that you would be debt free, almost 1/3 of us would be willing to eat only this for an entire year. What? Tofu 

8/31: In a recent poll, 70% of men & women say they would give up TV & Cell phones for this. What? Flat Stomach

8/27: No Brainbuster today! Remembrance of WDBJ

8/26: According to a teacher's survey, over 40% of kindergarten students have done this in class. What? Kissed another student

8/25: Almost 1/4 of all parents say they regret this. What? What they named their kids

8/24: What are the top 3 things most likely out of date in your pantry? Spices, Canned Foods and Flour

8/21: I/4 of men say they would not date a woman with this. What? Twin Sister

8/20: Over one fourth of us say we worry about this daily. What? Not waking up on time

8/19: About 40% of men admit they have done this on the weekend that their wife has a chore for them. What? Hide

8/18: In a recent survey, men say the best complimant they can get it "You are funny". What is it for women? You have a beautiful smile

8/17: Couple who do this are more satisfied with their relationship than those who don't do this. What? Send flirty text messages to each other

8/14: 10% of us have done this on a first date. What? Forgot their name

8/13: What is the most photographed beverage on Facebook? Margarita

8/12: A survey asked, "What is the number one rule in your house?" No shoes on the furniture

8/11: 30 years ago, 80% of us could do this. Now only 25% of us can do this. What? Drive a stick shift car

8/10: While Dick was on vacation, he only did this once. What? Ate at a chain restaurant

8/07: 70% of women say that any guy who calls himself a real man better be able to do this. What? Change a tire

8/06: 12% of Americans said said they felt stupid while doing this. What? Using self checkout at grocery store

8/05: 30% of women say they got this trait from their father. What? Their temper

8/04: About 10% of people say they can't go on a vacation they would like because of this. What? Pets

8/03: In a survey of grocery lists, this is the most commonly misspelled work on a grocery list. What? mayonnaise

7/31: 10% of Americans who have done this waited to do it after turning 45. What? Get a tattoo

7/30: 1/4 of us have seen a co-worker here. Where? On a dating website

7/29: Almost 1/4 of people have taken this from a restaurant. What? Toilet paper

7/28: 1 in 4 men say they would be willing to try this new technology but only 1 in 10 women say they would give it a shot. What? Ride in the driverless car

7/27: People were asked if money got tight, what would be the first thing you would cut back on? Over half of them said this. What? Cable or Satellite TV

7/24: Over half of women say they have not given a guy a second date because of this. What? Too much cologne

7/23: Almost 20% of women say they have done this on their lunch break. Change Clothes

7/22: Over 40% of couples say they regularly argue about this. What? How to load the dishwasher

7/21: According to a new study, psychologists say that doing this during an event will not only not allow you to fully enjoy the event, it will actually diminish your memory of it. Taking pictures & videos

7/20: Over 80% of Americans have this at their house. What? Welcome Mat

7/17: More workers do this in the first two hours of the workday than the rest of the workday. What? Actual work

7/16: Almost 1/2 of all people in the world think this exists in heaven. What? Baseball

7/15: A survey says what do you dislike most about your home. 14% said this. What? Their neighbors

7/14: Over 20% of women say they have gotten in trouble at  work for this. What? Unappropriate clothing

7/13: Research show you will fall asleep faster if you do this. What? Wear socks to bed

7/10: Over 1/3 of Americans say it is okay to do this in a relationship. What? Break up by text or email

7/09: Over 80% of Americans will fake this atleast three times a year. What? A signature

7/08: The average American will do this over 1,900 times during their lifetime. What? Go to McDonalds

7/07: 10% of us have this in our car right now. What? French Fry

7/06: Almost  half of women surveyed say they have done this on company time. What? Gone Tanning

7/03: Happy Fourth of July No brainbuster!

7/02: Last year over 120,000 women went to the ER after injuring themselves  because of this. What? High Heels

7/01: The average person does this six times a day. What? Talks to themselves

6/30: Almost 40% of married people do not know this about their spouse. What? How much they make

6/29: In the 80's, 73% of us did this romantic gesture. Today almost nobody does this. What? Make a mixed tape

6/26: According to a recent fashion survey, this is the #1 thing a women should never wear. What? Overalls

6/25: A majority of women say this causes them to have a bad night's sleep. What? Having a messy bedroom

6/24: Almost 1/3 of us say we have not done this in the past 5 years. What? Put on a bathing suit

6/23: Over half of the people suffer from a mild form of depression after this. What? When they finish binge watching a TV show

6/22: Studies show that couples have a better marriage if they don't complain about this. What? Passing gas

6/19: 1/3 of married men hide this from their wife. What? Speeding tickets

6/18: Over 20% of us say we have done this for our boss. What? Pet Sitting

6/17: If your an average person, you will do this four times today and you will do the opposite four times as well. What? Turn on your car and turn off your car

6/16: About 40% of those people who use a dating service have this in common. What? They are already in a relationship

6/15: 20% of adults have set up one of these. What? A facebook page for their pet

6/12: A majority of women who go to bed before their husband say they like it for this reason. What? So they can shop online

6/11: 20% of people say this is the most inappropriate place to hit on someone. Where? Parent/Teacher Conference

6/10: People were asked, "What is the most helpful video found on U-Tube?" The #1 answer was "How to boil an egg". What is the #2 answer? How to unclog a toilet

6/09: A recent survey asked, "What do you wish had never been invented?" What is the number 1 answer? Karaoke

6/08: 20% of us have faked doing this. What? Talking on the phone

6/05: 1 in 20 men have tried to cook this on the grill. What? French Fries

6/04: 10% of women do this before weighing themselves. What? Blow dry their hair

6/03: 70% of women are not comfortable with their men doing this. What? Working on their car

6/02: About 20% of us say the last time we panicked was because of this. What? Low or dead cell phone battery

6/01: Over 10% of workers admit they have done this at work. (a potentially fireable offense) What? Gone through the bosses desk

5/29: French Fries are considered the most addictive snack food. What is #2? M & Ms

5/28: 20% of us say it's a deal breaker if our partner asks us to do this. What? Switch sides of the bed to sleep on

5/27: 3/5 of us will do this today. What? Eat off of paper plates

5/26: One fourth of couples say they fight atleast once a week about this. What? Social Media

5:25: Happy Memorial Day! No Giveaway

5/22: More of these are sold before weekends than other times of the year. What? Inflatable mattresses

5/21: This happens at 1 in 5 weddings. What? They wrote their own vows

5/20: About 2/3 of men say they have done this in an attempt to impress their woman. What? Shave their chest

5/19: Nearly 1/3 of Americans say they could do this without preparing for it. What? Run a marathon

5/18: The average 35 year old woman has three of these. What? Bridemaid's dresses

5/15: 1 in 16 couples who divorce have this in common. What? Remarry one another

5/14: A new survey shows over a third of men and women say they look forward to doing this everyday. What? Vaccuming

5/13: Over 3/4 of us say we are happiest when doing this. What? Reminscing

5/12: 44% of women say this is the most important thing to take on a vacation. What? Comfortable PJs

5/11: These days this is 60% shorter today than it was 10 years ago. What? Telephone calls

5/08: Over 1/3 of us will do this with mom on Sunday. What? Take a selfie

5/07: 40% of moms say, they feel _________ on Mother's Day. Disappointed

5/06: More of these were sold yesterday, than any other day of the year. Avocados

5/05: Over 70% of women say this is a red flag if this is in a guy's bedroom. What? Themed sheets

5/04: Americans collectively lose $50 million a year doing this. What? Leaving coins in the coin return

5/01: According to a recent survey, 85% of people will fake this at least twice this year. What? A signature

4/30: According to a recent shopping survey, men do this more often than women when they go to the store. What? Forget something

4/29: In a survey of workers, 60% of them would rather have this than a raise. What? A new boss

4/28: Before deciding on one of these, women need 5 and men need 2. What? Selfies

4/27: 1 in 5 people do this to make themselves look smarter. What? Put books on display 

4/24: Over 10% of men have asked a women to do this while on a date. What? Chip in and help pay for gas

4/23: 60% of women say it bothers them all day if they do this in the morning. What? Leave dirty dishes in the sink

4/22: According to a survey recently taken by a dating service, this is the #1 thing that you should not do on a first date. What? Checking  your phone often

4/21: The average person has 6 of these in which they got for free. What? Coffee Mugs

4/20: Over 15% of us usually do this when we go through a fast food drive thru. What? Make an order for a pet

4/17: In a survey of Americans, we find that you should not do this until you are 25. What? Get a credit card

4/16: People were asked to name their simple feel good moments. The #1 answer was sleeping on clean sheets. What's the #2 answer? Sun on your face 

4/15: About a quarter of Americans annually fudge this on their tax returns. What? Charitable donations 

4/14: This costs the average person about forty cents a year. What? Charging your cellphone

4/13: What is the #1 one thing you have too many of in your home. Hangers

4/10: According to a survey of married couples, 1/3 of couples say they have shared this atleast once within the last 5 years. What? Underwear

4/09: Women who do this on average weigh 11 pounds more than women who do not do this. What? Watch cooking shows

4/08: Almost 1/2 of Americans say this is the hardest thing they have ever attempted to do. What? Stop Swearing

4/07: In a survey of women they were asked to fill in the blank to this question, "I wish my man did not own _?" What is the #1 answer? Golf Clubs

4/06: About 4 in 10 adults say they do not know this about their significant other. What? Their phone number

4/03: 1 in 6 people have fallen victim to this prank. What? Having a "Kick Me" sign put on their back

4/02: More than 10% of moms say they craved this when they were pregnant. What? Soap

4/01: In an office survey 80% of women say, if they could give one piece of advice to their male colleagues it would be this. What? Wear an undershirt

3/31: About 20% of us say this is our favorite place to hide money in our home. Where? A shoe

3/30: The average person spends about $4,500 on this every year. What? Buying items they regret

3/27: 60% of us say we have done this in a hotel room. What? Clean the toilet

3/26: One quarter of people say this would be the best thing about have a self-driving car. What? Permit designated driver

3/25: About 1/3 of drivers admit they have done this. What? Hit a mailbox

3/24: What is the #1 lie parents hear the most from their kids? "I brushed my teeth!"

3/23: Married people were asked what is the last thing your spouse did to make you give them the silent treatment? Threw out something of yours and did not tell you

3/20: About 30% of people say they won't buy a house if it has this. What? The number 13 in the address

3/19: 18% of married men say this has happened to them. What? The mother-in-law hits on him

3/18: 1 in 10 women have turned down a date with a man because of this. What? Too many tattoos

3/17: About 30% of men have lied about this to impress someone. What? That they can play golf

3/16: There are about 14 thousand of these on TV every year. What? Answers on Jeopardy

3/13: 1/3 of kids going to school this morning have this in their backpacks. What? Hand Sanitizer

3/12: Experts say you should do this on the third date. What? Cook at home

3/11: A survey of 1000 people say the gym is the #1 place to pick-up people. What are the worst places to pick-up people? (2 out of the top 3) 1.During surgery 2. At a funeral 3. At work

3/10: According to a survey, what is the most popular pick-up line in America? Don't I know you from somewhere

3/09: 37% of college students have done this in the past month. What? Fallen asleep in class

3/06: 2015 Dick & Dave's Care For Kids Radiothon-No Brainbuster

3/05: 15% of working women say they prefer to have lunch at the office for this reason. What reason? So they won't go shopping

3/04: 16% of drivers on the road are doing this right now. What? Eating

3/03: About 1/5 of us are considering doing this right now. What? Finding a new job

3/02: 80% of us say that even if this was free we would turn it down. What? A trip to outer space

2/27: 2/3 of women say they are more attracted to a man who has this. What? A dog

2/26: 1/3 of Women say if they could change one thing about their man it would be this. What? His table manners

2/25: These are the three words women like to hear the most. What are they? "You've Lost Weight!"

2/24: How many of these do you have? #1 answer was 4, 4 of what? Trustworthy Friends

2/23: 98% of Americans have one of these, 2% do not. What? Middle name

2/20: 2/3 of married women say they do this to their husband at least once a month. What? Give them the silent treatment

2/19: What was the number one response to this statement: "The one thing i am afraid in my home is..." What? Garbage disposal

2/18: 10% of all pictures ever taken have this in common. What? They were taken in the past 12 months

2/17: 55% of employees say they wish their workplace had better what? Coffee

2/16: 80% of married people did this on Valentine's Day. What? Kissed their pet more than they kissed their spouse

2/13: 55% of singles say that you should never ask someone you are dating to do this. What? Unfriend an ex

2/12: Describe your significant other in one word. What? Stubborn

2/11: A quarter of women have done this in a relationship. What? Turned down a marriage propsal

2/10: The average person will do this about 15-20 times a month. What? Quote a movie

2/9: Almost 80% of us have done an online search for this. What? Their ex

2/6: 86% of men will give this to their woman on Valentine's Day. What? The wrong gift

2/5: In 80% of households with children, mom decides this. What? Bedtime

2/4: 16% of women demand that their man does this. What? Eyebrow plucking

2/3: 22% of those who have one of these admit it's at least 5 years old. What? Facebook profile picture

2/2: Nearly 1/5 of people admit they have done this late at night, what? Gone through neighbors trash

1/30: This has happened in 24 Super Bowls, what? 50/50 heads to tails 

1/29: The average person does this 4 times a day. What? Google somthing

1/28: According to a survey of women, a majority say a man with good ___makes him more attractive. What? Manners

1/27: The average person will own about 45 of these in their lifetime. What? Sunglasses

1/26: Their are more of these in Florida than Mc Donalds resturants. What? Tanning Salon

1/23: Most men say it drives them crazy in a good way when their woman does this. What? Whispers in their ear

1/22: Average American has this on them right now. What? $22 dollars in cash

1/21: 20% of us have never had owned one of these. What? Ice Scraper

1/20: What is the most embarrsing thing in the world that could happen to you? Walk in on someone in the bathroom

1/19: Americans collectivly loose about 50 million dollars a year doing what? Leaving change in vending machine

1/16: This the 5th most popular activity to do on cell phone. What? Make a phone call

1/15: 1/3 of women they sometimes feel bitter at their partner because of this. What? their partner is aging better then they are

1/14: 40% of women say this is the 1st thing they consider before agreeing to go on a 1st date. What? their  height

1/13: 44% of parents say this is the #1 pet peeve when it comes to their teenage children. What? Not telling them where they are

1/12: 25% of married people say if they won a big lottery they would do this. What? Get a divorce

1/09: 1/3 of drivers say they dont know how to do this. What? Refill washer fluid

1/08: 8% of people are so cheap they admit they have done this. What? Put cheap booze in top shelf bottles

1/07: 10% of Americans did this in 2014. What? Kept their New Years resolution

1/06: 15% of men say they have broken it off with a girl because of this. What? Her laugh

1/05: 80% of people who try this fail. What? Becoming a vegetarian.

1/02: No Brainbuster today